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Guests are kindly required to read the rules and follow the instructions for the proper functioning of the Residence Lake Garda

Check In / Arrival: From 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm
Should you arrive earlier, you can deposit your luggage and check in after 04.00 pm.
While waiting you can use our swimming pool, sunbeds and umbrellas, and the self service bar with hot and cold drinks.
You can use the bathroom, even to change.  Everything is at your disposal.

Anyone who checks in after 07.00 pm will be asked to pay an additional cost of € 20.00 to cover the expense of opening Reception.

Check-out/Departure: 07.00 pm at the latest on the day before your departure.
After we have established that the apartment is in good condition, the deposit will be returned.  We remind you that you must return the badge (keys) before leaving.  If this is not done, an amount of € 20.00 will be debited


The apartments must be left free within 09.30 am on the day of departure.

Quiet by night:  we kindly ask you not to disturb the silence of the Residence after 11.00 pm.  If you want to stay on the terrace until late, please speak in low tones and behave in an appropriate manner.

Whirlpool: can be used from 10 am to 10 pm, please close it with its cover if used after 08 pm and the staff is not present.  Each apartment can use it for 45 minutes each day.  If you want to increase its benefits you can purchase essences at a price of € 5.00/bottle.  It is severely forbidden to use other bath products.  Users must take a shower before entering the Jacuzzi.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Should the Whirlpool be used without the supervision of an adult or in an inappropriate manner, use will be forbidden for the whole period of stay.

Swimming pool:  opening times from 09 am – 08 pm.  During this period the swimming pool can be used freely by all guests.  It is forbidden to use the swimming pool outside the opening times.  Users must take a shower before entering the swimming pool.  The area with gravel flooring is reserved for smokers.  It is forbidden to leave children’s toys, airbeds and personal objects in the swimming pool; these objects must be removed for daily pool cleaning.

Each apartment has the right to one umbrella and 2 sunbeds.  Non-resident guests wishing to use the swimming pool area with umbrella and sunbed must pay € 10.00 per person per day and register when they arrive.  Please inform our staff if non-resident guests are to enter the Residence.

Cleaning the terrace and preserving the common areas:  Guests are responsible for their own private terrace.  The weather changes often on the lake and the wind often blows.  Before leaving the residence, please close the umbrella and move your personal objects inside the apartments.  It is your duty to keep your terrace clean and tidy.  It is forbidden to leave shoes, airbeds, toys and other objects abandoned in the common areas and in the terraces of other guests.

Sheet and towel change:  Clients will find towels, sheets and tablecloths when they arrive.  The linen will not be changed unless requested and paid for by you.  Changes are payable (€ 9.50 for sheets and 9.50 for towels per person - Euro 9.50 for tablecloths and 2 tea towels).  Bathrobes are available for all guests (8.00 € / person for the whole stay), and 2/4 bathrobes are included for those who book the Suite, or for special packages, or for stays lasting more than 7 nights, but only on arrival.
The bath sheet is included for those who book the Suite or for those who stay for at least 7 nights.  Other guests can ask for one at a price of € 5.00/ person per stay.  Mid-week cleaning can be requested at a cost of € 20.00.

Final cleaning can be carried out by the client or can be requested.  The cost of cleaning is € 29.00 for stays of 4 days, and € 49.00 for longer stays.  If there are pets, cleaning at a cost of 65 Euro is obligatory and does not depend on the number of nights of the stay.  

Your pets and your behaviour:  your animals are welcome.  The cost will be debited separately (€ 5.00 – 10.00 according to the season and size of the animal, to be paid in cash when you arrive).  It is totally forbidden to leave dogs or other animals alone in the apartments.  Pets must be kept on a lead when in the park.  The residence is a public place and everyone must be treated respectfully.  Please collect any excrement left by your animal.
Using the safe: it is free.  Please ask for instructions when you arrive.  A code selected by you must be inserted.  Remember to leave the safe open before leaving.

Refuse:  when you arrive you will be given information on how to eliminate refuse in the relative containers.  Refuse must be divided into plastic bottles and containers, glass, paper, organic waste and other refuse.

Contract resolution
In cases of serious and repeated violation of the rules on behaviour and the rules of the residence and the house, we reserve the right to request the person involved to leave the apartment.  Same person has no right to any economic reimbursement.
Anything not included in this contract is governed by the Italian Civil Code, laws in force and local regulations.

The owner of the rented property is not responsible in any way for acts of theft that may occur inside the rented apartment or in the common spaces of the condominium (parking area, swimming pool, etc.).  Guests should always close all the entry points to the residence and the apartment.  Never leave valuable objects unattended, even if inside the closed apartment.  The proprietor will call to inform if any work is to be carried out on the premises.  Never open your door to people who ask to work inside the apartment unless you have received this phone call.


Please switch off the lights and the air conditioning when you leave the apartment, not just for economic reasons but also to avoid wasting energy.  The badge controls the electricity, therefore if it is not inserted, the appliances do not work.
It is forbidden to replace the badge with cash cards or other items in order to leave the air conditioning or heating operational when you are not in the apartment.  Having been so warned, guests who do not follow this rule must pay a fine of 50 €.


  • It is forbidden to use radio-transmitters and to make noise before 08.00 am and after 11.00 pm.
  • it is forbidden to use the swimming pool out of the regular opening times;
  • diving is forbidden;
  • guests must use the showers beside the swimming pool before entering the pool itself;
  • playing any game in the swimming pool is forbidden;
  • it is forbidden to use underwater equipment;
  • it is forbidden to throw cigarette stubs into the condominium spaces;
  • please respect the other condominiums:  please moderate the tone of your voice and the volume of televisions and radios during the period from 12.00 noon to 03.00 pm and from 10.00 pm to 08.00 am;
  • it is forbidden to move furniture inside the apartment or remove things that are not required;
  • it is forbidden to move sunbeds or chairs or umbrellas from the swimming pool or from your terraces;
  • it is forbidden to receive non-resident guests without requesting authorisation from the Direction, and it is obligatory to give an identity document belonging to the non-resident guest so that same can be registered;
  • T IS TOTALLY FORBIDDEN to hold parties in the apartment or cause any kind of disturbance to neighbours residing in the same building in which the rented apartment is located.
Please make sure that on your last day the apartment is free within and no later than 09.30/10.00 am because it must be given to the new guest within 04.00 pm.  The apartment must be returned in the same condition in which it was found.

Dirty sheets and towels must be left inside the shower.


Residence Lago di Garda - Gardasee
Via Pai di sotto, 99 - 37010 Torri del Benaco (Verona) - Italy
P.IVA 03578160230
Le Dimore di GB Srl
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