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On the picturesque hills round Lake Garda numerous wine-growing areas are situated. To explore the wine regions of Lake Garda in all their variety we recommend excursions along the wine routes which, past numerous wine producers, lead you through all the cultivated areas.That part of the Lake Garda region which lies in the province of Brescia is characterized by high mountains, soft hills, medieval villages and active small towns, extensive beaches and picturesque small ports.In this varied region – which stretches from Limone to Sirmione and from the Lake to its hinterland – you can explore numerous sights and discover beautiful landscapes.

The sports possibilities are just as manifold as the cultural offers, and the culinary delights leave nothing to be desired. The fertile countryside brings forth excellent wines, olive oil, truffles, cheese and fish. All of this is typical for the province of Brescia.The group “Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda” has dedicated itself to promote these culinary delights. Up to 80 wine growers, olive oil mills, agriturismi, hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions and shops in the region of Lake Garda are organized in this group.

Their aim is to make your holiday in the region of Garda Bresciano as enjoyable as possible. The group has worked out several tours to explore the area. All members are committed to a very high standard of quality.

Visit:  WIne tour&excursions “Bardolino”

Oil Mills

Thanks to its mild climate olives have been grown at Lake Garda and oil has been produced since Roman times. A comprehensive insight into the production of olive oil can be gained by visiting one of the oil mills. On a visit you can walk in the olive groves, visit the oil mills and sample as well as buy a huge selection of oils.


Verona’s province produces a top-quality olive oil particularly rich in taste. Olives are cultivated all over the Veronese hills stretching from Lake Garda to Valpolicella, from hills north of Verona to the Valpantena and right up to the valleys of Mezzane, Illsai and Tregnago. The tradition of olive-growing dates back the time of the Romans.Here are the characteristics of Valpolicella Olive Oil: it has a deep greenish-gold colour (due to its high chlorophyll content), a delicate scent which leaves a fresh, grassy after-taste behind the palate, along with a slightly bitter, lemony taste on the tongue. It is ideal for any kind of dish, although it is best served uncooked: just a small amount enhances the flavour of you dishes. Its characteristics remain intact when it is heated at high temperatures which makes it ideal also for frying.The D.O.P. Garda Olive Oil has low acid content, is green-gold in colour due its chlorophyll content and has a delicate scent and slightly fruity flavour. Its bouquet ranges from freshly-picked olive taste to an apple and walnut flavour. What makes Garda oil unique is that comes from groves situated on the world’s northernmost latitude (for olive cultivation, of course!). The Garda’s geographical location and “microclimate” protect the olives from the typical parasites and diseases which afflict olive trees in warmer climates.Olive presses and producers of oil. For further information on the above

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Visit the museums:
The Olive Oil Museum at Cisano
The section dedicated to the olive at Torri’s Scaligero CastleTaste the oil:
By the olive presses of Garda and environs or during the Olive and Olive Oil Fest in Torri del Benaco
Tel +39 045 6205888
And why not? Relax you with: The special Oil Massage in the hotel’s Beauty Centres


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